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With an outstanding Arctic explorer career already behind him, Yasu Ogita is Japan's only Arctic adventurer and has been drawing attention from the media both at home and abroad. Spanning 20 years from 2000 to 2019, he has been to the Arctic 16 times with more than 10,000 km covered throughout the Arctic region. He has been on solo expeditions mainly in the Canadian Arctic Circle, Greenland, and the Arctic Ocean. 



1977  born in Kanagawa Pref. Japan 

2000  Resolute Bay - North Magnetic Pole 700km on foot

2001  Polar training in Resolute Bay

2002  Resolute Bay - Grise Fiord 500km solo trek

2003  Cambridge Bay (Victoria Is. Arctic Canada) solo trek

2004  Greenland Icecap traverse 2000km

          Siorapalu - Ammasallik

2006  Cambridge Bay trekking

2007  Resolute Bay - Cambridge Bay 1000km solo trek

2008  Tundra summer trek in Canadian Arctic

2010  Resolute - North Magnetic Pole solo 700km trek

2011  Resolute - Gjoa Haven - Baker Lake 1600km trek

2012  North Pole solo unsupported 1st attempt

2014  North Pole solo unsupported 2nd attempt

2016  Grise Fiord - Siorapaluk 1000km solo trek

2017  Cambridge Bay training for Antarctic Expedition

2018  Hercules Inlet - South Pole 1,130 km solo trek

2019  Pangnirtung - Clyde River 600km (Arctic Adventure Walk 2019)

2021  Establish "Adventure Lab. LLC"




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